About Us



For years, Brooklyn native Abdul Chatman dreamed of creating a clothing line and his love of fashion led him to create Blacktag Apparel with his business partners Hassan “Beige” Williams and Mike “Make” Mentore in 2009.

Abdul’s love of fashion began as a young boy. He and his siblings were dressed and styled by their mother, Denise Chatman, who had an eye for fashion and a talent for sewing. She created custom and unique looks for her children, who always received compliments for their well-coordinated looks and distinctive style.

Abdul relocated to Delaware as a part of the auto industry where he first encountered the “Blacktag.” Using the world as his runway, and drawing inspiration from many sources, he was inspired to name his line after this affluent and unique piece of Delaware’s history.

Delaware’s black and white porcelain license plate, commonly known as the “Blacktag,” began in 1909. In 1947, production of these porcelain tags ceased and the highest tag number did not exceed four digits. Because the four digit tags are no longer produced a “Blacktag,” particularly those with lower digits, signifies the status and prestige of its owner.

The tags of highest value are the original porcelain plates with four digits or fewer and can only be acquired through inheritance or private sale. In fact the lowest numbered tags are not for sale; they are reserved solely for the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and other state officials. “Blackags” that have five digits or more can be purchased, but are still a clear symbol of distinction from the blue and gold steel tags that are distributed in the state of Delaware today.

Similarly, Blacktag Apparel is about distinction. Blacktag Apparel offers affordable luxury while maintaining exclusivity for consumers who enjoy a style that is unique to their personal expression, not an easily replicated appearance. This stylish collection creates the fashion trends of tomorrow today.

With commitment to the highest quality, attention to the smallest details, and innovative interpretations of classic designs, Blacktag Apparel will remain in the hearts, minds, and wardrobes of its fashion-conscious consumers. Although our apparel makes a bold statement, authenticity is what makes Blacktag beautiful.